Amber Brooke Farms



About Us

Good soil. Sunshine. Rain. And, lots of love make things grow. It’s true in farming. And, it’s true in life.

This is Amber Brooke Farms and we are so glad you’re here. A few things you may want to know. First, we celebrate the unique connection that happens when we touch and taste the goodness that quality farming brings. It revives us all and has to be experienced to be truly understood.

Second, we believe nature replenishes us not only physically, but spiritually. Here, you connect with God and family. Here, you walk the ground, play in the breeze, and feel restored.

Third, we all need a little fun in our lives. That’s why at Amber Brooke Farms we’ve created a warm atmosphere where holding hands and dancing in the sun is encouraged. Singing off-key is no problem. And running with children makes you a kid again. Amber Brooke is more than a farm, it’s a warm retreat from busyness. A special place where memories are made again and again.

We invite you to enjoy the raw beauty and allure of Amber Brooke Farms where both body and soul are replenished. It’s a special place for families. It’s a special place for you.

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