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Bodystreet Winter Garden



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EMS training (Electric Muscle Stimulation) 20-minute workouts per week is all it takes.

A new form of training sets standards. In methodology, load, and efficiency.

As you work out and your muscles contract and relax, an additional impulse is applied from the muscles through our exercise suit. Your muscles experience an additional increase in contraction and thus an even more effective stimulation.

Normal exercise enables the muscles to work to between 40 to 70% of their capacity. During a Bodystreet workout, more than 90% of the muscle fibers are contracted. And that's with every contraction – 85 per second. In contrast to conventional strength training, the deeper-lying muscles are exercised at Bodystreet.

This makes the training particularly intensive and fast.


  • Gone are the days of spending hours in the gym each week. Bodystreet is an innovative workout studio that combines exper
  • Who is it for? This is a fitness concept that is targeted at anyone who is interested in staying fit, improving their bo
  • Leading the way: where did it all start? We are Europe’s leading provider of EMS training, so you’re in safe hands. Bod
  • What makes Bodystreet so special? It’s simple; we combine the best in Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology with e
  • Forget training alone in a large gym, working your way from one bit of equipment to the other several times a week. With


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